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This Health Food Store Less Expensive

“The freeze-dried cranberries were only 63 dollars here as opposed to the literal arm and leg I had to give away for the ones down the street,” announces Jill Gresher, 46, of Peekskill, NY, “I mean these were really a steal!” She explains that the specialty foods here were cheap as compared to other "expensive" health food stores, that she insisted on paying more for her items, fearing the employees were all wrong about the prices. On her 4th visit of the day, she was caught on camera floating around the store, crying as she smothered fistfuls of almond butter (straight from the jar, into the face) yelling, “I LIKE IT HERE!”

woman shopping at health food store

“It was a victimless crime,” reported food store owner Phil Garcia, “But a crime nonetheless.”

“We couldn't get her to stop,” explains Lyle, a teenage local working at the time. He added that is was "kinda sick.”

Gresher has been banned from said store and will be appearing in court on Thursday.

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