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Area Woman Reaches For Chocolate First Thing in the Morning, Gobbles, “It’s All Downhill From Here."

“I might as well throw my life away and give up on everything I’ve ever wanted,” declared Vera Jones, 36, of New Rochelle yesterday, “All because I ate that damned chocolate bar at 8 am.” She explains that eating chocolate, an act so bad you should never tell someone when you do it, is even worse when done first thing in the morning. “I mean, chocolate in the morning? Who have I become?”

She went on about her 5-month streak with an oatmeal breakfast- a well balanced blend of oats, cranberries, almonds and nut butter- and her sudden craving for chocolate that ruined everything she’s worked up to. “I had goals- I had purpose! I was going to be a life coach.”

We assured her that everything she’s worked up to will not end because of her indulgence once in a while, but she insisted she call someone who “knows she is not this person.”

“I’m letting myself go,” she cried over the phone to her sister during our interview. “Excuse me a moment…” We had to let her hyperventilate in the corner about this chocolate bar “messing up her routine” therefore contributing to her downfall.

And it didn’t stop there.

Her life from then on was never the same. If only she had resisted temptation, the things she desired most would have been hers. Her dream house, ideal career, and perfect life partner were only one less chocolate bar away.

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