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Millionaire Celebrity Comes Out About The One Struggle She Faced Once

Many wonder what it’s like to be a celebrity with a net worth of 200 million dollars.

I met with Ashlyn Lavois, big time interior design artist, in her 8 million dollar home, whom she shares with her partner and big-time fashion icon, Lars. This home is more than most of us could ever dream of having- fine art laying on the walls in gold encrusted frames, rare orchids with birds of paradise scaling the ceilings, and eight bathrooms with diamond clawfoot tubs- not to mention Ashlyn’s luxury woman cave.

big house with blue sky and green grass

On their beautiful marble patio, I asked Ashlyn and Lars how they deal with the responsibility of having so much money. Ashlyn looked down at her 4k diamond ring, pondering for a moment, “You really just have to talk about your finances as a couple. If I buy the house in Paris, Lars will buy the house in Malibu. It’s a ‘I’ll get this Porsche, you get the next one type of situation.”

Being the daughter of multi-millionaire real estate agents, I asked Ashlyn if she’s ever come across obstacles in life. “Yes… I think,” she replied. She continued by explaining to me that the struggle included “not riding the private jet for a day,” and “not going to Tuscany for dinner that night,” when money was “tight” as she and Lars had just bought their 5th house together, as struggling celebrities often do.

Ashlyn concluded that there are many perks when living on Millionaire’s Row, with a home of nearly 12,575 square feet, despite that one struggle she faced. She’s so rich, she can make the snow stop falling during the winter over her property so she can keep sunbathing by her swimming pool. “I can make it night at 2 pm if I’m not ready to wake up,” she continued, “Yeah, I guess not everyone can do that.”

There isn’t much Ashlyn can’t do with her money, as science does not seem to be the limit. From buying new cars just because they’re bored, to adding to their extravagant jewelry collection, Ashlyn and Lars live an expensive life, to say the very least.

As they retire back to Ashlyn’s woman cave, I let the conversation end there, leaving Ashlyn and Lars the hard decision of choosing what country they’ll eat dinner in tonight.

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