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Local Woman Has a Terrible 2020, Demands Full Refund

Jennifer Grover, 43, of Buffalo, NY, announced Wednesday that her 2020 was “complete sh*t” and is asking for a refund ... for the whole year.

When we asked Grover what she meant by that, she responded, “I want a bonus year- a brand new 365 days, 8,760 hours of guaranteed good time, at no cost.”

earth in space with moon and black sky

Indeed, it has been a difficult year for most people, and many look forward to a newer beginning, though asking for an extra year of life is a unique request.

When asked how she would approach this demand, she replied, “I’ll speak with a representative, of course.”

We told her she’d have to wait until the sun explodes, our galaxies vanish, and time as we know it ceases to exist. Then, there will be a one percent chance she can find a representative. Let alone get a refund for 2020 as a woman, on a local level. “I’ll wait,” she assured us, coffee in hand.

Experts are predicting that her bones will be excavated in the next 100 years, where she will be found in the same position she was in, when she started waiting.

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