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About the writer.

Oona O'Brien is a performer and comedy writer living in New York City. As a bilingual French-American, she is constantly inspired and disappointed by both cultures, as no matter how far she travels, she is almost always mistaken for a 15 year old. Whether it be her cheeky smile, flowing golden hair, or all 5 feet of her height, Oona continues to live her life as the startlingly petite 25 year old she is. Having started her pursuit in voice acting, Oona has a background in stand up comedy, having opened for SNL alum Jon Rudnitsky, and is now a contributing writer for Cracked. She can be heard raving about improv being “something she loves oh-so-much,” despite the annoyance that very sentence brings to people.

Oona lives with no husband, zero children and no dog. 


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