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Beginning of Classical Music Playlist Promises Moments of Relaxation

But instead motivates disturbing thoughts of cold, forgotten memories.

"I think it's when I hit Chopin’s Nocturne in C Sharp Minor that moments of my desolate childhood came back,” describes Ilene Kelner of London, England last Wednesday.

She reports as having “no idea” that the playlist, called Classical Music for Relaxation- meant to induce productivity- would lead her down that dark road.

“I was really caught off guard, considering I was studying for a modern ethics exam,” she explained. “Then suddenly... bam! My mind couldn't keep quiet about that time I tried on my mother’s oversized high heels, watching my life flash before my eyes as I tripped down a flight of stairs- 10 years later here I am deep into the perils of adulthood wearing my own heels and late in my rent.”

piano with music book and hands playing

Between the minor chords and sorrowful noise resounding back and forth, one can understand why this melody would evoke such powerfully suppressed memories, masked under the title of "Classical Music Playlist For Relaxation."

When asked if she’ll ever recover, Ilene’s eyes strayed far into the distance; now the victim of a hundred yard stare. “I was expecting to be taken away in a field of poppies and butterflies, but instead received a ticket to my chilling past.”

Kelner describes herself as experiencing a moment of intense grief, but then suddenly relief, as her computer shuts down from low battery life.

“I am still unsure of whether I’ll recuperate from the daunting, lifeless form I realize now exists inside me, or if life will be generous again. But for now, I’ll let the sweet vanilla bubbles of a warm bath spare me the thought.”

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