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The Zodiac Blog: Who is the Aquarius?

Aquarians are lost but awoken souls, at times even irritating to look at once you've started a conversation about life with them, as their "inability" to conform to norms makes them "who they are." And they’ll let you know they can’t help it.

We all want to be different.

So quit trying you breakfast-club-watching piece of garbage.

feet with red socks on and blue floor


Independent, intellectual, proud oddball.

Aquarians are humanitarians, problem solvers, and dislike limitations- do not stand between them and their “creative flow,” which most likely includes making an installation out of plastic forks and floss loosely based on their interpretation of the Communist Manifesto.

People under the aquarius zodiac sign are driven, and are often dreaming about what could be- do not be surprised if you find an Aquarian watering their plant weeks after it died.


Wildly confusing, inconsistent, capricious.

Aquarians often show disinterest but secretly want attention, they have enough emotional distance to last a marathon, and their blood is so cold they could freeze back the melting ice caps (and probably would for the “love of humanity,” but do they really mean it or is it just a phase?) And to top it off, every Aquarian thinks they are the first to dye their hair a funky color.

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