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More Valentine's Day Poems From Anyone But Your Crush

Your Overfilled Garbage 

Roses are red, 

I smell without a doubt,

I get that you’re not interested in me, 

But would you please … take me out? 

Your Virtual Shopping Cart

Roses are red, 

Why can’t we be?

Don’t you see there’s no time,

Before someone else snatches me? 

Your Other Virtual Shopping Cart 

Roses are red, 

You’ve racked up quite the bill, 

I’ve been waiting here for days, 

And you have a void to fill.

Your Dirty Laundry

Roses are red, 

I’m the thing you ignore. 

But unless you wash me, 

You’ll be walking naked out of that door. 

That Stain On Your Shirt

Roses are red, 

I’ve been here since noon.

Remember that pea soup? 

Well... it made its way off your spoon. 

Your Dirty Dishes

Roses are red, 

Talk dirty to me.

Oh wait, 


How about them Valentine's Day poems?

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