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The Fourth Grade Essay Teachers Hate

In this essay, you will read about a process that is called photosynthesis. This is the process that things like flowers go through to be nourished and grow. I found this process interesting. It is interesting because every plant goes through it. I once saw a flower synthesize before my eyes. The process was amazing.

child's hand reaching for blueberry bush

Nowadays, flowers and other plants are still doing this photosynthesis. You see, as humans, we cannot make ourselves sustain us unless there are plants present at all times. They help us do things like breathe, create oxygen, and so on. As long as plants are among us, we will continue to survive. Which is why we think everyone in a household should own at least 6 plants. Who are we? We are Club H2O and we’ve so far raised $5. Our goal is a thousand. Our friend Jesse is giving us $2 after school so I guess we now have $7 come to think of it.

We will be calling the CIA on anyone who decides not to get several plants. The CIA will, upon finding you don’t have any plants in your home, break down your door and bring some to you. They will later say, “Goodbye and have a nice day.” They will have done their job. The CIA normally does not handle plant affairs, but they told us they would be okay helping us achieve our goal. We found their phone number then we got a message from a mysterious voice that said “we are watching you closely,” meaning they want to help us. My mom said the CIA doesn't work with the fourth grade but she’s never tried it herself. She said the phone number was wrong.

In conclusion, I think these thoughts because we all know this is how these things work. Flowers cannot grow from nothing. They must go through the process of photosynthesis and more. Without them we are nothing. Ms.Bell, we would appreciate it if you told the class about our fundraising as our favorite teacher- thank you for letting us include this in our fourth grade essay.

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