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The Chickpea Gala - PART I

The Chickpea Gala cordially invites you to its first ever event, Oh How Time Flies. This event, meant to commemorate the terrible loss of Sir Twinkle, the husband of the owner of this barnyard where the Chickpea Gala is stationed, was destroyed at fitness camp while trying to get absolutely ripped. One may say he... destroyed himself.

The Chickpea Gala King, Monsieur King Falafel, made of one-hundred chickpeas himself, decided that a ceremonial celebration would be appropriate to remember the life of Sir Twinkle. “It is not everyday, after all, that one chickpea man can say he single-handedly knew a man made of lettuce who worked himself out to death. The bravery is something foolish, but memorable.”

Monsieur King Falafel doth say himself, that the day he knew of Sir Twinkle had been a grand day. “We were in our 20’s… young and old at the same time.”

He remembers the days specifically, one may add. “We were assigned to the same sandwich… made by a human. But we escaped!”

Together they had fled into the woods where most ingredients go; they had put forth their escape plan.

* * *

Years Before

The woods were dark and sketchy and Sir Twinkle’s lettuce hands were getting more clammy by the minute. “We need a warm soup to climb into,” said Monsieur King Falafel.

They swarmed the forest on their hind legs like the ingredients they were, scavenging through dirt and peat moss to make it out alive.

“If we don’t get ourselves into a warm broth bath, we may not make it till dawn.”

* * *

It was now dawn. They were wrong. Still alive, but wrong.

“Falafel… where will we find this hot soup?”

King Falafel looked about the forest. His eyes came to a sudden halt as he discovered a far away tree.

“Follow me.”

Sir Twinkle followed King Falafel into the depths of the woods.

They marched, steadily, to make sure they would not upset any creatures lying around.

“It's here! Our soup.”

To be continued...

Copyright © 2021 Oona O'Brien. All rights reserved.


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