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How to Humble Brag About Your Journaling Routine

Without being obvious that you’re God’s gift to Earth...

You’re finally taking the advice that your therapist has been giving you for months now, and look at you! You’ve written very personal entries everyday that only you will ever see. Your three-day streak is more powerful than ever, even if you missed a day in between.

But you've been crushing it in silence for too long. You deserve some attention for your superhuman feat! Here’s how to gloat about your amazing new habit without explicitly reminding everyone that you’re above all human beings.

Remember your daily mantra...

“The vibrations of the universe keep me humble.” And don’t go a day without writing this first thing into your Moleskine so your head doesn’t grow too big too fast. Others will worship you in time. Manifesting attention is not easy, but your modesty will keep you grounded for now. How selfless of you to consider!

Subtly bring up journaling but make others think they brought it up first...

Boasting isn’t generally cool, but you’ve earned the right to because you’ve been dealing with your feelings, at last. But how else do you let everyone know? Overtly stating “I did a tea cleanse this week and journaled about it!” might be laying it on too thick. Instead, carefully direct them to your unsolicited advice such as “Well have you tried journaling?” Follow that with a simple, “Well now that you mention it...” and your friends will be tricked into thinking they started the conversation. You might even fish a couple compliments out of them. Look at you go!

Remember that you’re dealing with mere mortals here...

Let’s not forget that you’re mainly communicating with plebeians. Not everyone will see the excellence that is your journaling routine. While you try to explain the brilliance that is your newfound discipline, remember that it takes bravery to stand up to your feelings every day for ten minutes. You’re on a path that few have taken. Your efforts are Herculean!

Stay modest, no matter your inevitable success...

When your story becomes a documentary, you may forget where you came from. But every genius that has logged endless hours of effort must never forget their humble beginnings. It was just the other day, you were writing about your first salad of the week and here you are on your fifth, still maintaining your friendships with normies. You were just like everyone else, except a little better. And now Netflix recognizes the entity that is you. Being a demi-god is not easy. The road is long but you’re halfway there!

Working behind the scenes of your mental health should never go unnoticed. They say practice makes perfect, but perfecting is hard when it’s already there- and even harder to keep quiet about. Your humbleness is your service to humanity. And if they don’t appreciate you, just remember you’re the baddass that’s been journaling and not them!

This piece was inspired by the Reductress style.

Copyright © 2022 Oona O'Brien. All rights reserved.


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